Lightweight Elementar


The lighting elements of the Lightweight family mimic the form of a weight and are designed for durability and flexibility so they can last many generations. The heads can be suspended as individual fixtures or grouped together to create chandeliers of various sizes. The Lightweight system includes components that allow it to be converted into a floor, desk, ceiling or wall-mounted lamp. Each head is removable, and can thus be temporarily separated from the structure for singular use, then later be placed back. Due to the simplicity of assembly, transportation of Lightweight lightings is easy and convenient.

Best to describe Lightweight Elementar is to say that the luminaire is the beginning of the endless game when it comes to interior lighting. Using the same modular system the desk lamp solves the problem in the offices, a longer version covers all the floors for reading and any wall you can think of are taken care of as well.

Designer: Margus Triibmann

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