Outdoor furniture

The bench’s durable and ergonomic design reprents both modernity and traditions. ‘’Vinkel’’ bench is a symbiosis of a minimalistic shape and a reference to an historical forging technology of metal processing tehniques, where by right bending techniques the profiled steel is used to manufacture the bench’s legs and back in one piece. The angle iron’s and the wooden part’s tenons ensure full stability to the bench, even if the number of screws used to fix the bench is decreased to the minimum level. It is possible to easily integrate suitable armrests to ‘’Vinkel’’ bench. The metal leg manufactured by minimalistic metal processing techniques along with the massive wooden part make up a strong stable outdoor bench to which only the time can play a fatal role.

The wooden part of the bench is made out of solid wood or laminated timber construction. To be suitable for outdoor conditions the bench is retouched with oli or wax. ‘’Vinkel’’ is easily put together and transportable. Can be produced in different lengths and various heights. Has a subsequent possibility to add the armrests.

Designer: Margus Triibmann

Material: Zinc plated steel, powder coated

Size: 2300 x 615 x 780 mm