The park of Soolalao / Contest of 2009 / The work worth to notice

Nearby hurry movement is pressed into the planet surface as a shape of negative track. The generated shape reminds a symbiosis of natural and artificial landscape. The plunge of surface smoothes the noise of city and wind without any barrier. Representational square is open to the air and look and at the same time cut out of speed to organize concerts, open air cafeteria, banquets. To lie on a side, to look, to talk. The predefined functions of it do not bother, the space remains open and waits for its user to speak. Square stairway is light and crisp – the surface without excessive noise – it highlights the museum building among the other ones. This drafting model is an architectural drawing. There is a thick layer of black asphalt paint bead with a number of the height of mountain on every step age are referring to the lines of the same height. The planned pedestrian tunnel is organized through the main entrance of the museum. The tunnel ends on the stairway section – the movement is matched with the square’s space.

Designer: Margus Triibmann (KEHA3) * in collaboration with landscape architects Anna-Liisa Unt ja Robert Kähr