Acoustic lamp is a design that will change the world and the good news is that the very first prototype of KEHA3’s new interior lighting has been born. Given lamp is a massive interior lighting that is characterized by the same key attributes as the other designs by KEHA3 – it is modular, user-friendly and playful. In addition to aforementioned, the lamp muffles bleak tones as the stripes are made out of synthetic felt. The water jet cut felt stripes are fixed to the metal construction and are easily movable. Therefore, it is possible to make the lighting look symmetrical or by adjusting the gaps between the stripes have a disordered and random rhythm. The lighting elements are easily directed and the size, colour and the height of the lamp are all modifiable according to the interior itself. Thus to the possibilities of special solutions, Acoustic lamp is perfect to be used in different kinds of rooms– may these be spacious atriums, residential areas or work environments.

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