Outdoor furniture

Klimp is a fun, dynamic and versatile furniture element. This bench can be used in three different configurations that each unlock new and interesting benefits. Klimp is weather and vandal proof. New forms emerge when turning the bench and all positions can be used for sitting or leaning. In its main position it resembles a traditional park bench or sofa at home. The supporting structures is made of polyethylene plates which are held together by galvanized metal pipes. The bench its rigid yet airy structure is made from recycled plastic planks or a combination of recycled plastic and oiled larch wood planks. In the latter configuration the plastic elements are used where direct contact with the ground can be expected to ensure maximum durability.

Designer: Margus Triibmann

Material: Recycled plastic, polyethylene, hot galvanized metal or recycled plastic, polyethylene, hot galvanized metal + oiled larch

Size: Please see product sheet