Outdoor lighting

Insulator is a wall and ceiling mounted lighting. Insulator is suited to be street or park lighting but they can also be used as interior or terrace lamps. The shape of the lighting is inspired by the object commonly used in electric power stations and which is also present in other electricity-related fields: the insulator. Power stations were the main source of inspiration for creating Insulator lightings, the lamps are designed with a clear reference to the former thermal electric power station in Tallinn.

Insulator is attached to the wall using a wall mount which comes in two versions. In one version Insulator is resting on top of the wall mount, in the other version Insulator is hanging from the wall mount.

(Restauration project of Tallinn Creative Hub – AB Kavakava)

Designer: Margus Triibmann

Material: PE

Size: Please see the product sheet

Product sheets: