Forest & The Sea


The architectural idea contest of Pirita beach area

Pirita is an unique beach area where the sea and forest meet in the city bounds. The purpose of our work is to make the room experience be possible according to the place personality, connecting different tonality moments with sinuous road into the undivided experience. If the forest is mysterious unconscious image and the sea is a metaphor of enlightened mind, then here they are given to townsfolk usage as harmonious union.

Fantastic cocoons in tree crowns, the game of light in evening tree boughs and surprisingly well-trodden roads help to explore the walker out of their everyday life and the mood of magic forest will bring their mind to the philosophy of life. The forest sewn into the sea is a place where eye contact with sea skyline will not disappear even in forest dimness. The touch of two mighty nature patterns at the time of afternoon walk help to save balance on a life sinuous road. Today’s life rhythm does not give enough time to make a pilgrimage to the nature’s bosom, but we still need a moment of piece for ourselves among all the other things in everyday life. This is perfect to have a place for that pilgrimage here, in our city bounds, for example in Pirita.

Designer: Margus Triibmann (KEHA3) *in collaboration with Luhse & Tuhal AB / Identity