Outdoor lighting


Buoy was designed with a wish to create a portable and durable outdoor luminaire, which at the same time would look attractive indoors. Buoy can be hung on the wall, placed in a garden, or fixed to a pole. It is designed to resist different conditions of use. The light switch of Buoy is located on its body, making it easy to switch on and off. It is possible to ‘dress’ up Buoy in handmade net, giving the lighting even more of a marine look. To have Buoy off from the ground, there is a version which comes with a stand with three adjustable heights.


Seabuoy lighting is desingned in such a way as to be used especially in wet areas such as harbors, yacht decks, piers, alongside ponds and lakes or placed directly into waters. The lighting works with LED elements on a low voltage of 3-10 VDc and which power consumption does not exceed 5W. Our standard solution Seabuoy is equipped with a 15 meter long stengthend rubber cable. The rubber cable is equipped with a IP44 plug and perfo- rations have been put above the water surface inside the shell of the lighting. Due to such solution, the connector has lighter exploitation conditions and therefore ensures longer durability.


Tetrapod by design studio Keha3 is an urban space element inspired by the concrete tetra shaped elements used in waterworks to build wavebreakers. Tetrapod can be used as a room divider, as a light object, or simply as a decorative object. The light element is mounted in the center of the polyeutherine body of the Tetrapod and has a E27 socket. The recommended light source is a LED bulb. The combination of the PE shell, the metal housing used for the socket, the cable and plug ensures that the design is IP44.

Tetrapod lighting was designed for a street reconstruction and urban landscape project in Tallinn, Estonia, finished in autumn 2020. The architectural solution was done by Estonian architectural company Lootusprojekt OÜ.


The inspiration for our captivating harbor service pedestal comes from peculiar marine invertebrates, corals. The unusual form allows us to create many different configurations. Multiple service hatches and power outlets can be mounted depending on the requirements. The body of the service pedestal is made from durable polyethylene plastic and is semi transparent to light. The latter allows us to turn this piece of functional hardware into a lighting fixture that adds aesthetic and sculptural value to its environment. The branches of the coral are used as mounting points for power outlets, hatches and water taps. Up to six different power outlets can be mounted on a single service pedestal. The body and the electronic components are mounted on a central aluminum frame and the hatches allow for a quick access in order to service electronic components or change the LED bulbs. The water supply system is separated from the electronics through autonomous enclosed space, which ensures intactness and safeness in case of water leakages.

On 14th of September 2018, Coral won the most prestigious Estonian Design Award (called BRUNO) competition in the category of the Best Engineering Product. In connection with the same competition, Coral got a third place as the public’s favorite design.


Reed streetlight is inspired by reed plants. This shape is especial- ly suitable for installations in marina and parks near the coast but will not look out of place inland. The number of LED profiles on Reed can vary according to the design and goals of the lighting solution.

Reed light features our own aluminium profile with LED lighting called Wannabe. Wannabe has a ball joint which connects the profile to the head. This ball joint allows the profile to be adjusted freely, which means that its light can be directed in any desired direction. The head is made from powder painted aluminium in RAL 9011, either mat or glossy. Reed light comes standard with a curved conical pole of 4 to 6 meters. The LED driver is located inside the pole for easy access and maintanence.

A two-headed version of Reed is also vailable with two differ- ent hight poles coming from a single mounting point. Both are curved conical poles, standard between 4 to 6 meters.

Photometric data and EULUMDAT (.ldt) files for luminaires are available on request. Please contact us: keha3@keha3.ee