Outdoor furniture


The Cranberry chair-luminaire is a street furniture element which has the possibility to add an internal lighting. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The materials and technologies used make it ideal for public spaces where vandal resistancy is a concern. Cranberry can be mounted directly to a foundation surface or alternatively on a rotational mount. The mount will enable the chair to rotate 360 degrees. Illumination is provided by internal LED lamps or floodlighting installed into the foundation. The chair can also equipped with a drainage system to avoid puddles from wash and rain water forming in the seating area.

The chair can be mounted on a hard surface or installed with threaded anchors and bolts onto a foundation. When installed on slide bearings, an independent intrasoil light source lights the rotating chair. When used as a terrace light, the cable connected to the light source is built in to the casing of the chair. The non-illuminated, non-drainage version, can be filled with sand or gravel in order to prevent displacement. Cranberry in darker colors (gray, black, etc.) cannot be ordered with an internal light.


Vint is a modification of the Timpan bench luminaire. This product is designed to resemble the propulsion propeller of a ship. Similar to the Timpan bench luminaire, the main body is made from durable PE plastic and the seating is made from synthetic teak, which also often used in ship building. Vint is illuminated by internal LED lamps.


The design of the Timpan bench-luminaire is inspired by the percussion instrument with the same name. The design is modular and it is possible to combine up to three Timpans or set them up individually. The housing of the bench-luminaire is made from durable PE plastic. The seat is made from water-resistant plywood and covered with synthetic teak. The bench-luminaire enhances the surrounding area with its warm glow and creates a cozy environment.


Peatakana (‘headless chicken’ in Estonian) is a multifunctional and durable plastic bench. It’s suitable for large variety of environments: parks, city centers, pa- tios, pool areas and even public beaches. The bench was inspired by windy Tallinn and can be placed in 3 different ways. It can also be equipped with an internal light. Peatakana is made from durable plastic and is vandal resistant. The internal space can be filled with sand or gravel against theft.

-Universal exterior furniture element
-Used as a bench, luminaire as well as a table
-Different sitting positions
-Can be used in very different places

** For stuffing we recommended dried sand or gravel.


Klimp is a fun, dynamic and versatile furniture element. This bench can be used in three different configurations that each unlock new and interesting benefits. Klimp is weather and vandal proof. New forms emerge when turning the bench and all positions can be used for sitting or leaning. In its main position it resembles a traditional park bench or sofa at home. The supporting structures is made of polyethylene plates which are held together by galvanized metal pipes. The bench its rigid yet airy structure is made from recycled plastic planks or a combination of recycled plastic and oiled larch wood planks. In the latter configuration the plastic elements are used where direct contact with the ground can be expected to ensure maximum durability.