Forest & The Sea


Forest & the Sea

The architectural idea contest of Pirita beach area

Pirita is an unique beach area where the sea and forest meet in the city bounds. The purpose of our work is to make the room experience be possible according to the place personality, connecting different tonality moments with sinuous road into the undivided experience. If the forest is mysterious unconscious image and the sea is a metaphor of enlightened mind, then here they are given to townsfolk usage as harmonious union.

Fantastic cocoons in tree crowns, the game of light in evening tree boughs and surprisingly well-trodden roads help to explore the walker out of their everyday life and the mood of magic forest will bring their mind to the philosophy of life. The forest sewn into the sea is a place where eye contact with sea skyline will not disappear even in forest dimness. The touch of two mighty nature patterns at the time of afternoon walk help to save balance on a life sinuous road. Today’s life rhythm does not give enough time to make a pilgrimage to the nature’s bosom, but we still need a moment of piece for ourselves among all the other things in everyday life. This is perfect to have a place for that pilgrimage here, in our city bounds, for example in Pirita.

Foresta magica

EXPO 2015 Contest

The global context

Agriculture based on heavy chemistry and genetically modified cultivation brings the increase of allergies and diseases, which can appear already in childhood. It has generated into the big corporations’ tool to capture developing markets. Organic agriculture provides the decrease of health risks and affection on household and governmental levels.

Fork against the scalpel!

Radio pavilion

The idea of the radio pavilion consists of the opportunity to constantly listen to real-time music. The sound is guided straight down from the decorative megaphones, located on the ceiling of the awning, without increasing the sound field in the surroundings. During the evening the radio pavilion turns into an illuminating object thanks to the megaphone shaped lamps on the ceiling.

The aim of this object of art is to form a spontaneous self-perception and vision for the citizen of how the radio works, through the combination of eye contact with the building and the sound which originates from the object. Radio work is a sound-based, non-illustrated creation – thus a real, visible and physical object, where the audio from the megaphones takes place and the physical presence of a person allows them to envision the motion inside the radio house.

The radio pavilion tries to serve several functions as an art project:

-Tries to delicately become one with the surrounding architecture;
-Expand the sensitive sphere of influence of good architecture outside the perimeter of the building;
-To create an experience and give immediate indication of what goes on inside the building;
-Actively make the citizen take part in consuming the piece of art;
-Fulfill the functions of a bus pavilion.

Anton’s bog

Arhitechtual competition of Central park in Tallinn.

Nominated and awarded – the best in design category.

Are we ready for more empathetic civilization? Are we ready to treat strangers as a friends? Can we understand them? How we feel itself in a strange city? Parks, gardens and squares are meeting places, social boilers. And this way also testing grounds for us in transformation process. New era needs new concepts for public spaces. Friendly symbioses of traditional forms combines well-tried functional benefits in a new quality. Inspired by marsh landscape, it is still modern urban environment. It just reminding us our cradle of life, Mother Nature, where we were equal and one.

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