Branch Chandelier


Branch Chandelier mimics the organic shape of a tree’s boughs by arranging aluminum tubes into a complex composition. Illuminated via dimmable LED elements, the fixture achieves modernity in natural form by juxtaposing strong linearity with seemingly random configurations. The dimming system allows one to choose suitable light-intensity to set the mood in a room. Power fittings and head controllers are located in the hanging knapsack. Each LED element can be manipulated, adding dynamism to an otherwise static form. The elements of the bough can be easily turned, and therefore it is hard to get the similar external-shape effect: every chandelier is unique as a non-recurring handiwork of the nature.

Branch Chandelier’s modular construction allows for up to 16 piece assemblies. Branch Chandelier represents functional rationality, which, in our opinion, is something that we comprehend in industrial aesthetics. As the world around us is in constant change, the luminaires must keep up and change with it. The chandelier, a formerly flamboyant luminaire, which demonstrated wealth, power, and festivity has evolved into a object that carries a modern message of recycling (aluminium), reduction (LED, DIM) and conservancy (branch), extolling functional rationality.

Designer: Margus Triibmann

Material: Aluminum profile, powder paint

Size: Please see product sheet