Birch Catkins


Birch Catkins Chandelier has a modular compile inspired by birch bough with catkins during the early spring. Its main parts are four branch types, which are used to combine several kinds of chandeliers. The luminaire has a light mathematical structure that is intended to support the idea of filling interiors with nature. Having two different types of light sources we are creating appropriate lighting conditions for the room. Down-headed lamps are covered with borosilicate test tubes, which are imitating catkins and give smooth and warm overall light. The other lamps are hidden in the up-headed cone funnels, which form light patterns on the ceiling and reflect down to light the room.

Elements of the chandelier are dimmable by groups. Combining the nodes and round-profiled tubes in the chandelier, we have got a sufficient number of different style birch compositions with the elements of light, that are creating impression of unique elements.

Designer: Margus Triibmann

Material: Aluminum

Size: Check out the PDF