Outdoor lighting

Bale is a playful city furniture element that is meant to give a special touch to urban areas. It can also be used in private yards or bigger interior spaces. Thanks to the durable and translucent body material, Bale with lightings inside can be litt up during evening and night time. The illuminated Bales can function as beacons, showing the way to pedestrians. Air pollution waste, road dust and malevolently made graffiti is easily removable from the body with a pressure washer and cleaning liquids.

• Weatherproof
• UV-resistant
• Shock and deformation resistant
• Acid, chemical and corrosion resistant
• Temperature resistance of -30 to +80° C
• Maintenace-free
• Environmentally friendly

Designer: Margus Triibmann

Material: Please see the product sheet

Size: Please see the product sheet