Indoor lighting

Acoustic lights have a strong influence on the acoustic comfort and properties of a room when it comes to sound behavior and function of the space. For optimum speech intelligibility, one needs to exploit the reflection of sound on walls, floors, and ceilings. In most cases, the preferable solution is to reduce the reflections to create a more private and intimate atmosphere. Acoustic is a big interior lighting that is modular, user-friendly and playful. As the stripes used in the luminaire’s construction are made out of synthetic felt, the lamp muffles bleak tones. The felt stripes are fixed to the metal construction and are easily movable. Therefore, it is possible to make the lighting look either symmetrical or disordered. With our lights made of felt tiles, we are able to help you with your acoustic demand and meet the aural needs of the room.

Designer: Margus Triibmann in collaboration with Kard Männil

Material: Synthetic felt and metal construction

Size: Please see product sheet

Product sheets: