took us a while to put together but all those spent hours were undoubtedly worth it – the webshop is looking amazing! We officially launched the page in April, 2016 and Indust Relight webshop concentrates on industrial styled indoor lightings which inspiration has come from the nature and the robust industry itself. With the existence of it is possible to order the lightings that are designed, produced and sold in Estonia from any corner of the world.
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All the products and lighting families are by their user experience very practical (‘Throat’), durable (‘Lightweight’), modular (‘Branch’) and carry an aesthetic value (‘Birch catkins’ chandelier).
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The webshop has an easy and understood by all ‘add to cart’ system. Notable is also the fact that within Europe, the shipping is for free!!!

Have a glance on the webshop and enjoy the products. And you should all totally try out the simplicity of ordering an industrial lighting from online!

If you happen to have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Have fun exploring…

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