From 11th til 17th of April, 2016 KEHA3 had the chance to be one of the sixteen Estonian designers and design companies that attended Milan Design Week 2016. The Estonian Design House exhibition display was situated in the BASE building in the centre of the design district in zona Tortona, Milan.


KEHA3 was exhibiting three of its hit products: BUOY, THROAT and BRANCH CHANDELIER. In addition, freshly designed and printed Indust Relight by KEHA3 booklets were available for design week visitors.


Buoy lightings are suitable to be used in interior but can also be placed outdoors. In order to give Buoy lighting appearance a little extra touch  we have made it possible to add an handmade net over the luminaire.
buoy garden-18

The playful and industrial Throat lamp got a lot of attention. Visitors were impressed by both versions –  Throat with and without the stocking.

_IMG1299 2

And the last but not the least of the products exhibited in Milan was our Branch chandelier. We would totally be lying if we said the chandelier did not get any attention. The massive ceiling luminaire caused quite a lot of discussion and raised interest in visitors. What makes our Branch chandelier that special is the modular lighting profile, movable because of the ball-shaped hinge. In addition, it is possible to adjust the lighting according to the desire of the client by adding as many ‘branches’ aka lighting elements to the chandelier as wanted.

4 copy