We founded Keha3 to make the world a better and a more interesting place. We have ambition, courage and experience to accomplish great things – to bring our and your dreams, wishes and needs into reality. All our products are made with the belief that we are doing the right thing!

We wish to bring to the public space functional and durable products that support, create and assert the local identity. These products have to be able to carry on emotions through generations, and create a bridge of memories between different generations by cementing a feeling of belonging in this fast-paced, superficial, increasingly plain and rushing space.

For whom?

Architects – for us, an architect is a partner whom we can help to create small forms, furniture and lighting in the public space.

Local governments, developers, ports – public space elements that create and support identity, starting from outdoor furniture and lighting and ending with special-purpose solutions.

Manufacturers – we see our role as a development partner who is able to manage and execute design processes with an understanding of the nuances of product development.



* During 3.11.2015- 31.10.2016 Enterprise Estonia helps Keha3 with its project “Indust Relight” to increase export capacity. Aim of the project is to create a homepage with webshop including quality advertising and marketing material as beneficial tool for export. Main goal is to raise the trust and reputation of Estonian design in the eyes of other countries. Expected outcome would be strong basis for making new contacts including new partners and retailers at our target countries and growth of reputation and trust in local design. Project is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund. Amount of aid 31 437€.